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Discount Codes

Can I use my expired discount code?
Our discounts are usually used during the holiday season. Under normal circumstances, expired discount coupons cannot be used, but the system provides automatic discounts.

How to apply the redemption code to the order?
You can apply your discount code to your order at checkout by entering it in the text field that reads "Gift card or discount code". If you're completing your order on a mobile device, you can find the "Gift Card or Discount Code" box under "Show Order Summary". Once the code is entered, simply click the Apply button and you will see the discount applied to your order. Please make sure that the quantity in your cart matches the quantity that the code is good for as the code can only be used once. Note that unless otherwise stated no coupon codes, vouchers, or discounts will apply to sale items.

How do I apply multiple codes?
If you have multiple discount codes, separate orders will need to be placed for each code as our system will only allow one code per order. If you have multiple codes, we cannot combine them for a better shipping rate.

What do I do if the code did not apply/ I forgot to apply the code to the order?
If your code did not get applied or you forgot to enter your code, please do not place the order or reorder. Double check that you entered the code correctly. If the code still does not work or the order is already placed, please contact our support team.